our team
BIJU BAVODE (CEO) BIJU BAVODE, is CEO, BtweenAnimationas& New Media : An accomplished media and entertainment professional... More
ANOOP NANGALI (C O O) ANOOP NNAGALI , Chief Operating Officer of the Btween animations&New media -11 years Experience in Animation & Media Industry ... More
PAUL KALLANOD–CREATIVE HEAD PAUL KALLANODis our creative Head.Apart from being successful painter, a well-known poet, novelist and cartoonist... More
JANAMMA KUNJUNNI-OUR PATRON& CREATIVE CONTRIBUTER A famous writer and also a strong social activist . Former Calicut Corporation Chairperson... More
SAYED WYANAD (CHIEF ANIMATOR) A complete Animation Artist and a complete Musician bit away from the orthodox styles and keeps himself updated to the modern ... More
SUNILKUMAR (PRO &CO-ORDINATOR) He is Our Coordinator & Pro, Also He is well known in Maharashtra for performing art forms like... More
SATISH NAIR–BUSINESS HEAD Over 25 years of experience in the business development stream.His expertise that has evolved as part of the transformation... More